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Tooth Extraction
Merrick, NY

Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache that may require tooth extractionFor professional extractions, contact the team at Michael Brody D.D.S.. We like to focus and work towards making sure your teeth are healthy and well taken care of. However, there are times where the best option is to have an aching tooth (or even a “healthy” one) extracted.

You might have a tooth that is heavily damaged by either diseases or trauma, or you have a wisdom tooth that is bound to cause problems in the future. Maybe you have a teenager that will soon need to undergo orthodontic treatment but doesn’t have enough space for his/her adult teeth. Alternatively, maybe your young child has a baby tooth that refuses to go and make space for the new ones.

In any case, tooth extractions are a very routine procedure, but how simple and straightforward it is will depend on where the tooth is located and how its roots look. That’s no reason to fear a tooth extraction, though, since we can carefully manipulate your tooth and dislodge it without much trouble.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

As we mentioned earlier, tooth extraction is our last resort. That’s why when you visit us for your examination, we can discuss the benefits and downsides of the treatment and decide what works best for you. There are four main reasons or causes that merit a tooth extraction, but each situation needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

The first reason is trauma or disease, but we can still try to save your tooth before having to resort to extraction. Sometimes a full-coverage crown or a root canal treatment can be enough to save a damaged tooth.

In cases of orthodontic treatment, it’s very common when crowding occurs, and there’s not enough space for the new teeth to accommodate within the jaw. By removing a tooth, the leftover teeth can be properly aligned.

When wisdom teeth are impacted, extractions are a safe way to keep nearby healthy teeth, gum, nerves, and bone from getting damaged. Doing this early is the best approach since it can become much harder once the roots have fully formed. In cases of impacted teeth we refer patients to to a qualified specialist for treatment.

The last case is baby teeth since sometimes they are either out of position or refuse to fall out in the correct sequence. Extracting the tooth can help eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment later on.

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Regular checkups and professional cleanings can drastically reduce your risk of developing dental problems that lead to extractions. Call (516) 378-7788 to schedule your appointment now!

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