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Rendering of removable partial dentureHere at Michael Brody D.D.S., we can fit dentures for you that look good and are as comfortable as possible. Dentures are removable artificial teeth are that used to fill up tooth gaps. They can be inserted and pulled off at will. Dentures don’t feel natural, to begin with, and it takes time to get used to them. They will help avoid the complications associated with missing teeth and also improve your appearance aesthetically. Visit us, and we can tell you all about how they work and what they can do for you.

Complete or Full

Our dentures can either be complete or partial. The size of the tooth gap to be filled up determines which type of dentures you are going to get. Partial dentures are ideal for one or two teeth gaps. Sometimes, though, you may need to have all your teeth replaced in which case you will need full dentures.

Complete dentures are designed with an acrylic base that looks like your gums. In instances where all the teeth have to be replaced, the upper denture has an acrylic base that covers the roof of your mouth. The wide base ensures the teeth hold on properly. The bottom denture has a horseshoe shape that allows it to hold on to the gums tightly and leave space for your tongue.

Partial dentures are normally inserted where is the gap is small, and the adjacent teeth are strong. They come with a metal frame that enables them to be attached to the adjacent natural teeth. In some instances, crowns are used to attach the dentures.

Unnatural Feel

Unfortunately, dentures might not quite work like natural teeth. Many people find it difficult to eat or talk with dentures in the mouth. You often cannot chew anything hard with them so you will have to settle for very soft foods. Your mouth muscles also have to learn how to hold the dentures in place. You will get used to having them after some time, however.

You might also experience some irritation after using them for the first time, and some people are allergic to the acrylic material that is the base of the dentures. If the irritation persists, you should come back to us and get it checked.

You need to always take good care of your dentures. When you are not wearing them, store in plain water or a denture cleanser. You should not let them dry out. Be careful not to drop them while putting them on or removing them because they are delicate and can break. Make sure you also brush them daily to remove food deposits and any other dirt that might be on them. If you can, get an ultrasonic cleaner for your dentures. Do not forget to wash your mouth properly as well.

Same Day Dentures

For the best same day dentures, come and see us at Michael Brody D.D.S.. Same day dentures, as the name suggests, are dentures that are fixed on the same day when you see the dentist. Many people will feel quite uncomfortable if they had to walk around without some or all of their teeth and same day dentures ensure you do not have to walk around without teeth at any point. We fix same day dentures immediately after your natural teeth have been extracted to ensure you keep smiling wherever you go.
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