Restorative Dentistry Long Island

A million dollar smile is the desire of every individual. White and shapely teeth play a great role in enhancing the personality of an individual. However, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful smile because of damaged, decayed, misaligned, or misshaped teeth. Thankfully, there is restorative dentistry Long Island to solve the problems of all such people. It is a branch of dentistry that treats all types of dental defects through dental surgery. It is possible to treat all types of dental imperfections with the help of restorative dentistry.

One of the most common types of restorative dentistry is called dental implants. Dental implants Long Island is resorted to when an individual has one or more missing teeth in his denture. The doctor implants a root made of titanium in the jawbone of the missing tooth and when the area has healed up sufficiently, artificial tooth is placed that remains in its place with the help of this metallic root. Whether you have lost some teeth because of a dental disease or because of an unfortunate accident, it is possible to restore your missing teeth with the help of these implants. You can not only eat more comfortably but also smile with full confidence after these implants have been placed.

There are millions of men and women with gaps in between their teeth. This gap shows up when they smile and makes them look unattractive. Crown and bridge Long Island is a technique that helps in covering this gap. Misaligned and misshaped teeth cause a lot of embarrassment to people and they cannot even smile or laugh naturally. Now you do not need to cover your face while laughing as these fixed prosthetic devices are placed over misshaped teeth and they become cemented to look like the natural teeth of the individual. A crown is basically a cap that covers and imperfect or damaged tooth. On the other hand, bridges are used by the dentist to cover the gap caused by one or more missing teeth. These gaps not only make an individual look unattractive when he smiles, they also cause nearby teeth to shift or rotate into empty spaces caused by missing teeth. Crowns and bridges are used after reducing the size of the natural teeth. The dentist then takes impression to make a mold that is used by a dental lap to manufacture crown or bridge in the material of your choice.  Dental crown and bridge Long Island has helped thousands to overcome their dental defects to have their confidence and smile back.

Finally, there is cosmetic dentistry Long Island that has become very popular among the people these days. It is a type of dentistry that focuses more upon the appearance than the function of teeth. People resort to cosmetic dentistry to have a beautiful smile. Procedures undertaken by the dentist include teeth whitening, braces over uneven teeth to align them, filling in cavities and gaps, correcting uneven and chipped teeth and so on.

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