Implant Dentures

Complete dentures are difficult to wear. Implants can be used underneath removable dentures to eliminate many of the problems associated with denture wear.

In the upper denture, most people complain about having the palate of their mouth covered, thus decreasing the ability to feel and taste food. Four implants under an upper denture hold it securely so that the size of the denture can be reduced, sometimes removing the palate from the denture altogether.

The lower denture is more difficult to wear than the upper (there is no suction to hold it in place). It moves more, pressing on the gums, creating more discomfort. Just two or three implants under a lower denture improve it so much that it makes for some of our happiest patients!

The improved ability to chew is one of the biggest benefits patients report. Since the dentures anchor on the implants instead of resting on the gums, they allow patients to bite much harder with no discomfort. Another benefit – no messy adhesives!

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