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Dental Implants are a wonderful alternative in tooth replacement Dental implants are our fastest growing procedure because they are very predictable, long lasting and cosmetically beautiful.

Dental implants permanently replace missing teeth. Implants consist of titanium structures placed into the bone . Customized posts are then placed into the implants. Lastly, a restoration is placed on top of the post. The implant, post and crown (the restoration), resemble natural teeth both in appearance and function.Some of the benefits of an implant is that it is much easier to keep clean since you are solving a one tooth problem with a one tooth solution.Also, just having an implant in the bone keeps the bone from resorbing over time.

There are now a wide variety of dental implant placement procedures available. Any implant procedure is preceded by a detailed consultation and case planning with your dental team. Dr. Michael Brody is an expert in creating dental implant restorations that look and feel like your natural teeth.

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